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Self Portraits

by Anthony Taddeo

Since I turned 30 in October of 2016, I’ve been thinking a lot about my art and journey as an artist and I wanted to create a series of improvisations that made some kind of “musical photograph” of my current voice as an artist and percussionist. A snapshot that I can look back to and remember what I was working toward/becoming as a musician at this stage in my development and accepting the strengths and imperfections that go with it. I chose the title “Self Portraits” because when I was thinking about how I wanted to document my progression thus far as an artist I was contemplating the work of famous visual artists and how they would have several self portraits throughout their career. The self portraits were never a method of showing off all of their most complicated skills, but more of a reflection of who they felt they were as artists, more specifically, in that moment in time. It’s this concept that most intrigued me and led me to start the project.

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